H.W. Henze, Phaedra, Guildhall School, June 2015


"The countertenor role of Artemis was sung by Meili Li, who captured the strange beauty of the goddess’s voice."

Claire Seymour, 12 Jun 2015



“Meili Li’s countertenor Artemis brought due strangeness to the endeavour, blurring boundaries as that final dance blurs events and motives.”

Mark Berry, 15 June 2015



“with countertenor Meili Li (common to all four performances) a striking Artemis, whom Hippolytus worships”

Nick Breckenfield, June 08, 2015



Giulio Cesare, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 12 April 2015


“ Meili Li sang the too-often cut only aria of Nireno stylishly.”

Nicolas Nguyen, 14 April 2015



The Last Seed, Tête à Tête, King's Place, August, 2015


“a very impressive Meili Li ”

Charlotte Valori, 12 August 2015




Lieder recital ‘König, Mond und Sterne’, Festival Greifswalder November 2014, opening concert, Greifswald, Aula der Universität, 12 November 2014


‘… schon leuchtende(r) Edelstein seines Metiers ... Lis Stimme hat betörenden Wohlklang und ein bemerkenswertes Volumen. Sie ist äußerst zart, aber auch erstaunlich kraftvoll einsetzbar, wirkt gänzlich unangestrengt und verfügt über ein angenehmes, mit leichter Schärfe “gewürztes” Timbre. Im übrigen singt Li gänzlich unaffektiert …’

E. Ochs, Ostsee-Zeitung, 3 November 2014


Stradella, San Giovanni Battista, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, June 2014


‘Meili Li perfectly captured the inner serenity of the Baptist in both his inscrutable physical stillness and his unwavering, clean countertenor.’

Opera, August 2014

‘The countertenor role of San Giovanni was taken on this occasion by Meili Li, eloquent right from his first aria in which he bids farewell to his disciples … The purity of his voice seemed perfectly suited to St John’s character.’

Colin Clarke

‘There was a very fine young counter tenor Meili Li in the title role. A hugely attractive voice promises much for his future.’

Brian Dickie


‘I was particularly impressed by Meili Li’s warm, strongly produced counter tenor in the title role. He sang elegantly, honestly and with real conviction.’


Hasse, Lucio Papirio Dittatore, London, Grosvenor Chapel, 6 April 2013


‘Meili Li was a charming Marco Fabio, hardly suggesting a venerable patrician, but good to hear. He had the liveliest stage presence, listening, looking, reacting; the others, expressively though they sang, tended to address scores on music-stands rather than their listeners.’

Andrew Porter, Opera, Apirl 2013